Moduulis Snack Stadium Genesis

Moduulis is weeks away from our snack stadium launch date. It’s pretty crazy how fast everything has come together. 6 months ago this was merely a craft project to ensure that we would have an awesome superbowl party. The narcissist in me really felt the need to post something more than just great looking food on Instagram – that wasn’t enough. I needed something epic that I was pretty certain no one else on my facebook would haveĀ (because that’s how everyone defines their value in life now, right?)

I had seen different variations of snack stadiums on the internet. Type “Super Bowl Snack Stadium” into any search engine and you’ll get some really amazing creations.

While these are all very epic looking, they weren’t practical because:
1) We weren’t hosting so we needed something portable and
2) I needed something that could hold any kind of food. While building a stadium out of sandwiches looked like fun, nobody would be able to eat anything for fear of ruining the stadium look.

Material was a pretty hot topic the days leading up to construction. We thought about using tupperware, but it would look pretty ugly. I thought about building cardboard boxes and lining them with foil, but it would have been a lot of work and still look ugly. After much deliberation, we decided to use the foil trays because they were portable, cheap, and could keep my food warm.

Eventually one of the engineering minds in our group, Ivan, stepped in and designed a really cool structure to hold the trays. He was very intent on the trays being flush with the platform. I will admit, at the time I thought it was unnecessary but after seeing the project take place, I had to admit he was right. After 3 weeks of cardboard cutting,gluing and taping, Super Bowl Sunday had arrived!



Voila! Our taco bar in the shape of a stadium was complete! We didn’t know it then but this would be the prototype for our actual product.

The reception was awesome and Jason was the one to really realize the potential. A couple weeks later we were all hanging out and he brought up the snack stadium and the mass appeal it would have. We bounced the idea back and forth a few times and decided that if we wanted to do it, we needed to do it now. Jason and I were both underwhelmed and under challenged at our jobs – we needed something that would drive our passions and make us excited about life. It was the perfect opportunity: the three of us didn’t have kids or mortgages, we weren’t exceptionally committed to our careers and football season was coming up in 7 months.

And 5 months later, here we are! The Moduulis Snack Stadium is ready to take any party or sporting event to the next level. We can’t wait to share this experience with you guys and we hope you guys are as excited about the snack stadium as we are!