You shall be known as “Moduulis”

If anyone ever tells you that coming up with a name for your business is hard…they’re absolutely correct. In the course of 3 days we’ve gone over hundreds of names, made really bad puns, and just about drove each other crazy.

As we began this process, we always referred to the project as “Foodball Stadium” because that’s what described our product. Jason even spent a week or two designing a logo with that exact name. On the day we got our first prototype, we expressed some hesitation with the name and decided we needed to spend more time on this.


All the blogs, business journals, and entrepreneur articles will tell you that your business name should be specific enough to show that you’re focused, but not so limiting as to prevent you from expanding in the future. Uhhmm…that sounds like mixed messages, right? Now let’s make this part even MORE difficult…let’s check the availability of these names. A funny, but real reference to this problem is the Southpark episode where they’re trying to come up with a name for their business but everything, even the most obscure and repulsive names they could think of, was taken. We definitely ran into this problem. If a domain name wasn’t taken, it was taken on social media. Seriously, who needs a ‘parteefy’ on pinterest?!?!


We looked at it from all angles. I have a soft spot for puns so I tried that route. Jason went through what I called a “jumble” method of taking words and scrambling them until they formed something relevant. After 3 days, multiple texts from Jason at 8am on the weekend, heated discussions to the point where I questioned whether we’d all still be friends, and several domain/social media searches later, we agreed on “party stadium” (complements of Ivan). The name was an exact description of our product but it also allowed us to expand. We had talked about being a party supply domain and “party stadium” was ambiguous enough to allow for flexibility.

Just for kicks and giggles, here are some of the names we threw around.

Partify/partiphy/partiefy/parteefy/partiphi (I liked partiphi…just with the greek symbol for phi)
Pop party/pop up party/PUP (short for pop up party)
Party in a Box
Partipanda (this would have made an awesome logo)
Snacktive/Snactivity Box
foopla (food+hoopla incase people couldn’t figure that out)
….the list goes on

Then, a few days later, we decided we weren’t thrilled with “party stadium” – back to the drawing board.

Eventually Jason came up with the name “Moduulis.” We really liked the concept of modular which the dictionary will define as

  1. employing or involving a module or modules as the basis of design or construction.
    “modular housing units”
      of or relating to a modulus.

What a sophisticated way of talking about cardboard boxes, right? So we went through the exercise of searching domain names again for ones that weren’t taken and eventually we had to add the extra “u” to ensure availability.

Personally, I like it. It has a very “startup” feel and as mentioned before, it’s a pretty neat way to describe cardboard boxes. It’s short, different, and most of all…available!