Youtube Killed the Video Star

I have a best friend who got his start in the industry by working with YouTube celebrities. At the time, I thought the idea of YouTube celebrities was ludicrous. Seriously, you can get famous from YouTube? Now here we are at a time where YouTube is owned by Google and you have a guy named Pewdiepie who makes millions just playing games (hes not even good at the games) for other viewers. I can watch the US Olympic Swim team sing “Call Me Maybe” and I am now convinced twerking is something reserved for sorceresses.

But alas, we have our attempt to join the scene. Moduulis has recently launched “The Snack Stadium Show,” a quick piece about different themes you can do your for your snack stadiums. The videos usually include the decorations we used for the stadiums and quick instructions on the food that we’ve made for the stadium.

Our first one was for a full taco bar, my favorite theme. 1. I love tacos 2. I love taco bars and 3. it was cheap and easy. Planning and preparing all the food at once is usually the most difficult part but the taco bar was super easy with my kitchen hacks (keep an eye out for that post!)

We’ve also done a Quidditch stadium in honor of Harry Potter’s birthday and a Super Smash Brother’s Melee Pokemon Stadium (try saying that 5 times really fast!).

Filming is such an art and I really have a new found respect for the people that do it. Saying the same lines over and over again messes with your head…eventually you don’t even hear yourself talking but you’re just very aware that your mouth is moving…..maybe I’m the sorceress? I actually feel worse for Jason who does all of the editing. He combs through all the clips and audio, he has to watch the videos over and over again, and every now and then you’ll hear him complain about rendering. I can’t wait to get a Moduulis intern…
We will be adding other types of shows in the future so be sure to check back frequently for new videos. Likewise, if you have any ideas that you would like to see for the shows let us know!