It’s been almost a while since our Kickstarter ended. Unfortunately we didn’t meet our goal but in retrospect, Kickstarter may not have been the best platform for us. We realize our customer is unique – he/she is not necessarily a lurker on Kickstarter looking to spend money or to back a project just to back one. Our customer is someone who knows what they want and what they want is to find a way to celebrate their team. Who would think to look for that on Kickstarter?

For our fans out there, do not worry… we are still committed to bringing Moduulis to life! We are currently working with our network of vendors . We have still been meeting every week to strategize the best way to bring you this product at the best price. The regrouping strategy involves some minor redesigning, some redistribution of business among our suppliers, and some innovative ways to engage our customers.

Keep checking back for updates; we will have more concrete timelines soon!

-Team Moduulis