How to prepare for your Fantasy Football Draft

How to prepare for your
Fantasy Football Draft
by Jason Chen


It’s the 6th round of THE fantasy football draft, the year is 2014…

Me: Don’t pick Luck, don’t pick Luck, don’t pick Luck…

Guy picking before me: With my 6th round pick I take Andrew Luck!

Me: $@!%#$^&

In full panic mode I decide to take RG3… (true story)


Fantasy Football is not just a game, it is life, and if my Chinese immigrant parents taught me anything it’s you have to prepare (over and over and over again) for all of the twists and turns in life. We’ve all been there, caught with our pants down on the big stage, knowing that inevitable “I told you so” along with a wack to the back of the head from was coming from our disappointed father…

asian dad meme

So learn from me, learn from my mistakes, never draft RG3, EVER. I don’t care what the experts say about how he looks in camp for the browns, and AWAYS prepare for your Fantasy Football Draft!

Now full disclosure, I don’t claim to be any sort of Fantasy Football expert. As a matter of fact the closest I have ever been to a Fantasy Football Champion is I have dated one… 2 years ago… but that doesn’t mean I can’t dream, and that doesn’t mean that I can’t give advice! So here we go! How to prepare for your Fantasy Football Draft by Jason Chen:


1) Understand your leagues rules

Understanding your leagues rules is extremely important in fantasy football. Does your league have 2 QBs? Does it score passing touchdowns as 6 points instead of 4? Does it have IDP? All of this information is vital to being able to accurately asses the value of players. In different league formats different players will be more or less valuable depending on the different rules.

An example of different league rules having an effect on the value of players is in a PPR (point per reception) format. Wide receivers tend to have a higher value in such leagues when compared to standard non PPR rules due to the extra point they receive per a reception.

There are seemingly endless variations of rules in Fantasy that can effect players that I won’t get into. Do some research and use your brain a bit to figure it out!

2) Make your own player rankings specifically for your league

The key to Fantasy Football the ability to gauge the value of players relative to each other. Making a list really helps you do this.

You don’t want to be put in a situation where you are on the clock and the player you wanted had just been drafted and you panic draft RG3 because you don’t have a concrete list you can look at.

So in short some of the benefits of making your own player rankings are:

  1. Helps organize your thoughts when trying to compare the value of players thus making your player comparisons more accurate and thus more POWERFUL
  2. Also helps to rank the players specifically for your league rules. Expert rankings are great but do they take into account 3 WR, 0.5 PPR, return yards??? Probably not…

  3. Prevent panic when a player is nabbed right before your pick

  4. Instill fear into your opponents because you’re super prepared and hardcore about Fantasy Football with your official lists and everything like that sort of thingy


3) Do a lot of mock drafts

Doing a lot of mock drafts will really help the make up of your team when it comes time for the real draft. As the old saying goes “practice makes perfect”. Mock draft help with the following:

  1. seeing where players tend to go with your league’s format

  2. seeing the complete makeup of your team after your done with the mock draft, are you happy with such team. If not, why? Do another mock draft and make the appropriate adjustments to make your self more happy with the team. Repeat this process forever…

  3. Trying different drafting strategies and see how your team looks afterwords. Again make more adjustments.

  4. Draft in different positions and see how your team looks afterwords. How does your team look when you draft early? Middle? Late? Ect…

  5. Doing a lot of of mock drafts will help you prepare and prevent you from panic drafting RG3 in the 6th round…

4) Know thy enemy

Fantasy Football is a game of partial information, the more information you have, the more accurate decisions you can make. Certain players may be overvalued by your league because of where you live. I live in California and thus there are a lot of 49er homers. I know such homers will tend to draft 49er players, and make trades for 49er players. Knowing your fellow league members will help you fleece the crap out of them!

Notice no where in this article did I post any sort of top 100 players list as I know some of my friends in my leagues may read this and there is no way I am giving them that sort of insight! The only thing I will say is I heard RG3 has been doing well in camp this year!

5) Tell everyone about how your going to win the championship this year

Whats the point of playing fantasy if you can’t make outlandish statements!

I mean… I have never won before and by the laws of probability, I am due… right?

6) And Finally… its not about having fun… its about winning.

As Kevin MacArthur once said “Any idiot can be a father. I want to be a champion!”


That is all… Follow my Fantasy Football advice and you too may one day be able to date a Fantasy Football Champion 2 years ago.