Hosting the BEST football party

I love hosting!

My dad was an amazing cook, but he only cooked when he had an opportunity to “show off”, meaning we ate mom’s bland meals for a majority of my childhood (sorry mom!) My dad took a lot of pride in planning a menu, pairing it with the appropriate drink, and providing just the perfect ambiance for whatever occasion we were celebrating.

As I get older, I realize I’m a lot like my dad. The not so secret neurotic tendencies I have show – I always want my events to show up on someone’s instagram, whether it’s for creative/tasty dishes, a large but not always sophisticated selection of drinks or unique decor. Most of all, I want my guests to have a really great experience! Here are my keys to hosting a football party to elicit social media envy:


1. Either one really big TV or multiple TVs and screens. Some friends of ours were always really great about hooking up multiple screens so we could watch multiple games on Sundays. When you play fantasy, it’s really hard to just watch one game and let’s be honest, Red Zone is like football with ADHD. I don’t know about you but I rather watch multiple games simultaneously than have one screen constantly switch between different games.

2. Fun decorations! Pinterest has some of my favorites, ranging from simple to epic

3. Drinks

If you have friends like mine, a dry event is pretty much the ultimate party foul. There’s something so right about watching the game with a nice cold beer. As a hostess, I always want to make sure that my guests have choices – nothing will spoil an event like opening a well stocked fridge only to find that there’s only one kind of beer. Most of the time, it’s your least favorite beer

However, I personally am a cocktail girl – beer is great but I always feel so bloated after. Want to keep your cocktails festive? Here is a creative way to celebrate your team while having some fun doing it

Click here!

(not your team? That’s okay! There’s over 20 different flavors of jell-o and there’s nothing some food coloring can’t fix)

4. Food

The best way to gather a group of people is to feed them! Tasty football themed foods show your guests you care! I always try to mix my methods of cooking so I don’t have to spend the entire day slaving away in the kitchen. Food bar ideas are always great because your guests get to build their own plates- taco bars, pasta bars, taco bars, slider bars…the opportunities are endless! But in case you’re feeling a bit more creative or gourmet, below are some really fun ideas that will score big points with your guests (yes, yes I used a pun)

Mini football rice crispy treats


Pepperoni Pizza Football Cheese Ball


Pigskins in a Blanket



For more food ideas, check out our pinterest page!