My Top 5 Fantasy Football Podcasts

My Top 5

Fantasy Football Podcasts

by Jason Chen


It is no mystery, here at Moduulis we love Football but what we love even more than Football is FANTASY Football. We even sponsor a Fantasy Football league that several of us take part in.screen-shot-2016-09-24-at-3-17-11-pm

Fantasy Football is a game in which information is KING and I am about to relay to all of you guys a list of my top 5 podcasts in no particular order as I am not giving any of my league mates any extra information on where I get my information! Also I may or may not actually listen to any of these podcasts regularly… (further deterring my league mates from trying to snipe my info!)

Oh yea… and just an example of how into Fantasy Football I am, I created an app that aggregates all of the score/schedule info, weather info, twitter feeds and pregame/post game highlight videos. This app is for my personal use…


On to the list!

In general most Fantasy Podcasts have the same/similar information with pretty good advice. They tend to have an hour long show once a day Monday through Friday that talk about waivers pick ups, who to start next week, injuries ect… I will mainly be focusing on the other aspects of these podcasts that set them apart from the rest of the pack.

Number 1: The Fantasy Footballers

screen-shot-2016-09-24-at-4-03-43-pmThese guys have a great show that is fun and informative (not dry). Mike, Andy and Jason have great chemistry together, are reasonably funny, have great voices (easy to listen to) and they give really good advice. The show feels like a bunch of friends talking about Fantasy Football.

It is also awesome how much other infrastructure they have around their main podcast. They have a Youtube channel, they have a website, they are active on twitter, they have a water bet app ect…

My only gripe is all the damn sponsors they have to shout out in the middle of the show, really annoying (although understandable, someones gotta pay the bills and they are independent).

Number 2: Fantasy Focus Football


This a great show with great production value. Matthew Berry and Field work well off each other and its a generally fun show (also not dry).

In my opinion the strength of this show lays with the information. Stephania Bell does a great job keeping the listeners up to date with injury information often faster than most other podcasts but most definitely in more detail and context as she is a physical therapist and is familiar with many of these sports injuries.

Matthew also writes for ESPN and has some nice columns that fit well with the show.

Number 3: CBS Fantasy Football

ap_842756722190_slide-d0b2a48f281433f00ba4172edbb435b119375ca1-s900-c85This show I must say grew on me, when I first started listening to them I thought that some of the hosts sounded naisily and Jaime Eisenberg (cousin of Oscar nominated actor Jesse) was a bit of a know it all. Although these things still probably hold true, the guys on the show have great chemistry, a lot of inside jokes and even if they are giving each other a hard time seem to be having fun.

This show is like a bunch of  annoying, know it all jerk friends hanging out talking about how much more right they are about predicting the future than the others  and I mean this in the best possible way because I do the same thing with my friends and wouldn’t have it any other way.

I also really enjoy when they bring on the sports line analytic guy as this is not something most Fantasy Football shows do.

The guys also write for CBS sports fantasy columns.

Number 4: Pat Mayo Hour


I am not sure if this is actually a podcast as I listen to it on Youtube, it may just be a radio show? Anyhow I don’t care what it is, it’s on the the list.

Pat’s show has good production value, hes really high energy and does a good job of making the show entertaining (again not dry).

What I like about the Pat Mayo hour is the combination of information of both regular Fantasy Football and Daily Fantasy Football. In my opinion a lot of valuable regular Fantasy Football information can be discerned from daily such as who on your team might be a hot start or who maybe a big let down. Pat’s show often emphasizes daily fantasy too much though but I still enjoy the package as a whole.

Number 5: The Audible


The Audible may not have the best production value out of this list but they do a great pre-season podcast. These guys take the time to go through EVERY team and discuss who maybe a breakout star, a sleeper, an undervalued player ect… These guys are great to listen to in preparation for your Fantasy Football draft but make sure to take notes as there is a lot of information.

That’s it for this Fantasy Football post. One of my favorite tips from these podcasts is that “you don’t win your Fantasy Football Championship during the draft.” So if you take anything away from this list, remember that, and continue to do your research as the season goes on and maybe you can become the champion in your own Fantasy Football League!