TOP 5 DIY Snack Stadiums

“Alexa, what’s a snack stadium?”

“A stadium built entirely out of snacks.” Sound familiar? Last year Amazon Echo’s Alexa described to Alec Baldwin the greatness that is the snack stadium. What started as merely an internet folklore became a Super Bowl staple, so much so that snack stadiums have graced the pages of food bloggers, obstructed aisles in the grocery store and cemented itself everywhere from the Food Network to USA today.

Want to build your own? Here are some of our favorite DIY stadiums.

1. Cardboard, foil and glue. This one is great if you want something a little simpler and it’s great if you have small, dry snacks.


2. Pre-made cardboard magazine holders and foil trays – when I wanted a plan for our original stadium, I was so inspired by Offbeat Home & Life’s version. Hers is glamorous, clean and great for all sorts of chips and candies. The parking lot is my favorite part!


3. Foam board and glue – Amy has really amazing things on her blog and this is hands down one of the best. It’s simple but elegant and doesn’t require lbs of guacamole to get that center field look.


4. Wood, glue and nails – little more handy? This one is an amazing and definitely will wow your guests. It will take up a lot of space and you’ll have to stick to dry snacks as well.


5. Make it out of Food! Food, foooood, more food! I wouldn’t even know how you would go about doing a snack stadium like this but its defiantly DIY and they can be pretty amazing!

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These are all wonderful choices for DIY stadiums…but, if you want more flexibility for wings, sauce, even grilled meats you will need something much more sturdy. The Moduulis snack stadium kit can hold most things from pasta sauce (we’ve done it!), ranch dip and saucy meatballs.

Or maybe you’re just too lazy – well, you’re in luck! The Moduulis snack stadium is portable, reusable, and doesn’t take glue or nails. You unpack it, crease some folds and insert the trays. Easy!

Whatever route you decide to go, here’s a high five to you – for caring about your guests and for creating an awesome experience. You’re the real MVP!